New neighbor alert! Rodilla brings the flavors of Madrid to Wynwood

We’ve got new neighbors in Wynwood! They hail all the way from Madrid, and they’ve brought their famous food along with them.

Richard Cancel, Rodilla: “Madrid has never been so close to Miami!”

That’s because Rodilla has arrived in the 305.

Richard Cancel: “Rodilla is a Spanish chain founded in Madrid in 1939. Our focus and our main product is artisan sandwiches.”

More on those sandwiches in a sec, but first, a geography lesson. Cue the map.

With more than 160 stores in Spain, Rodilla has now opened its first U.S. location right here in Wynwood.

So why choose Miami?

Richard Cancel: “It’s a worldwide recognized city, and we have a big Spanish community in this city.”

Okay, back to the sandwiches — which are quick and easy to grab and go, or munch on at the restaurant. Almost like finger sandwiches.

Katherine Rozner, customer: “I came here recently with my cousin who was recently in Spain. He had never been here. The first thing he said when he saw the sandwiches was, ‘Oh, just like in Spain!'”


Richard Cancel: “If you go to Madrid, you’re gonna see Rodilla basically in every corner.”

Katherine Rozner, customer: “I come here at least three or four times a week. Sometimes, you just want a sandwich. They’re fresh. They’re delicious.”

Some favorites include the ensaladilla, chicken curry and tuna sweetcorn. They’re made ever so delicately. Look at the precision slicing!

Richard Cancel: “The cut that we made here has to be the same measure we made in Spain.”

They’ve got plenty of other items on the menu. If you’re looking for something warm, their heated sandwiches should do the trick.

Emil Horstov, customer: “I ordered focaccia mozzarella. I like their tomatoes, very flavorful. That’s what really makes it stand out.”

The key thing at Rodilla is consistency. Well, besides the food, of course.

Richard Cancel: “We always make sure our product is consistent in flavor, in size, in presentation. Basically, in everything.”


Rodilla Wynwood
282 NW 27th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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