New Miami Heat Dancers sizzle on the court

So you think you can dance … for the Heat? Twenty-three lovely young ladies just proved they can do exactly that. And soon we’ll be able to see them gettin’ down on the court for Miami Heat games.

Congratulations are in order for the ladies who can now call themselves Miami Heat Dancers.

But they didn’t get here without a lot of hard work and, of course, plenty of booty shaking.

Fifty hopefuls went through boot camp last week, but only the best of the best made it through to this weekend’s finals at the Littman Theater in North Miami Beach.

You know what’s hotter than Miami in August? This!

Natalia Gonzalez, Heat Dancers director: “The Miami Heat Dancers are going to be nothing but sizzle and hot on that dance court.”

Among this season’s Miami Heat dancers are newcomers…

Adriana, dancer: “It’s just a million feelings all at once. I am so excited and so happy to be able to now say that I am a Miami Heat Dancer.”

Ashley, dancer: “I used to come with my parents to all the Heat games, so I’ve always looked up to the Heat Dancers, so now to be in this moment right now, and be given an opportunity to be a Heat Dancer, is so heartfelt.”

And returning dancers who’ve been there, done that — but are still fired up to be part of the squad.

Adrianna, dancer: “Just hearing my name called, I just started to cry because I love my team, I love this organization, and I worked so hard to fight for a second year.”

The Heat are hoping to light up the court this season, and now they have their dance squad to help add the spark.

Natalia Gonzalez: “October 1st, first preseason game, we’re gonna bring it, and it’s gonna be nothing but fire.”

Miami Heat Dancers

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