New email scam targets Netflix customers

(WSVN) — Netflix customers are being warned of a scam that targets their personal and financial information.

Cyber-security company FireEye reports that a scam email asks customers to update their Netflix membership information. A link directs people to a page that looks like an official Netflix login page, but is really a fraudulent website.

The fake Netflix page then asks for the customer’s name, credit card number, card expiration date, card security code, and customer’s social security number.

Once victims input the information, they are then re-directed to the real Netflix homepage.

FireEye says the phishing email is sophisticated and looks realistic, which can fool consumers into giving their information to scammers.

Netflix has a page on its website dedicated to educating customers on how to protect themselves from phishing scams and other fraudulent activity. The company says it will never ask for personal information in an email.

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