Netflix stars explain why some shows are bingeable

With so many people taking time off around the holidays, a lot of us are bingeing our fave shows. So we asked the stars — what makes their shows so “bingeable?”

It’s a strange phenomenon, this bingeing thing. People bringing their lives to a halt, drawn towards the light of the big screen.

You feed your addiction with never-ending episodes!

Claire Foy (as Queen Elizabeth II): “If only.”

But eventually the episodes run out. And you’re are forced to wait another year until a new batch drops.

Dacre Montgomery: “The hype has continued, not only continued, but has progressed and grown and evolved.”

Shows like “Stranger Things” come out once a year and become a schedule-clearing holiday for die-hard fans. ‘Cause if you wait, spoilers will pop up in your news feed.

But is bingeing natural? The stars from some of our favorite Netflix shows weighed in.

Matt Smith: “I quite like bingeing on everything in life.”

Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby from “The Crown” didn’t think their show was “binge-worthy.”

Matt Smith: “It doesn’t feel like a binge-y show, though, does it?”

Vanessa Kirby: “No.”

Matt Smith: “It’s not very cliffhanger-y. I was always worried about that.”

Vanessa Kirby: “Yeah, maybe people would dribble off.”

Some may worry it’s hard to keep the hype and momentum up.

Dacre Montgomery: “There’s enough cliffhangers to keep people going, ‘What’s next there?’ ‘What’s next there?’ at every corner.”

But not the stars of “Stranger Things.”

Dacre Montgomery: “The first season spoke for itself. Everybody enjoyed it, everybody had such a great time that it became a cultural phenomenon, and things that become a cultural phenomenon don’t just fizzle out over 50 weeks, right?”

And the stars of “Mindhunter”? They encourage the behavior!

Holt McCallany: “We’ve been encouraging everyone across America to take a day off work and binge ‘Mindhunter,’ OK? Use a sick day all right. You need to watch our show.”

And Matt and Vanessa say they know someone who did just that.

Vanessa Kirby: “A friend of mine went to — he has friends he hasn’t seen in ages — and he said he pretended to be ill and stayed in the whole weekend and watched it. I was like, ‘This is ruining people’s lives.'”

Winona Ryder (as Joyce Byers): “What is wrong with my boy?”

So as you burn your last vacation and sick days — cough, cough — binge on!

Natalia Dyer (as Nancy Wheeler): “Don’t you think it’s weird we only seem to hang out when the world’s about to end?”

You can catch all these shows on Netflix.

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