Modern-day retelling of ‘Little Women’ updates classic for new audience

It’s the 150th anniversary of author Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.” The book tells the inspiring story of five women who stick together through thick and thin. Now a new movie starring Lea Thompson updates the classic tale for a new audience.

Lea Thompson (as Marmee): “What’s most important is the workings of your mind, your kindness.”

There’s nothing little about these women. The latest adaptation of the classic novel tells an inspirational story of love and family.

Lea Thompson: “I’m really excited that it is the 150th anniversary of ‘Little Women.’ It’s Louisa May Alcott’s masterpiece, really.”

Lea Thompson (as Marmee): “The longer it takes to forgive her, the longer the pain will last.”

The story follows a mom and her girls struggling to get by.

Lea Thompson: “Its a story of four sisters and their mother, who are living in hard times. Their father is away at war, and they create their own special world.”

Lea Thompson (as Marmee): “I am here — from whence come you and whither are you bound?”

And the women are all unique in their own way.

Ian Bohen (as Freddy): “Jo, you are a great writer, but you are far more interesting than what you write.”

Lea Thompson: “The main sister, Jo, is a writer and she’s passionate. Some of the other sisters are different; one of them wants to just have a family, and they all have different dreams.”

Sarah Davenport (as Jo): “So you’re the infamous Laurence’s grandson? I wish to propose a new member to the club!”

Lea says this story of women’s empowerment has never been more relevant than right now.

Lea Thompson: “I think we need to give each other a break and stand together in support of each other. That’s what this story is specifically about.”

Allie Jennings (as Beth): “To always help each other reach our castles, no matter where they may be.”

“Little Women” is out in theaters now.

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