Miranda Cosgrove talks to Deco about ‘Despicable Me 3’

This weekend, “Despicable Me” is coming back for a third movie. One of the stars in the movie, Miranda Cosgrove, was in town today and Deco’s Chris Van Vliet was supposed to interview her, but instead, he got someone else to do the work.

I guess you can say I got my own minions to do the job. It’s a movie for kids, so who better to ask Miranda questions than kids! I borrowed three of them from my sister Kimberley.

Steve Carrel (as Gru): “I have a twin brother!”

Nev Scharrel (as Edith): “Twin brother?”

Pierre Coffin (as minions): “Twin brother?”

The Despicable Me movies have always centered around family, but now Gru’s family is expanding. He finds out he has a long lost twin brother named Dru!

Steve Carrel (as Gru): “Holy moly!”

Steve Carrel (as Dru): “Become a villain again.”

Steve Carrel (as Gru): “Mmm.”

Speaking of nice, Miranda Cosgrove who voices Gru’s daughter Margo was on Miami Beach today, and was nice enough to chat with Deco about her third movie with the Minions.

Miranda Cosgrove: “I love them, I’m a sucker for the Minions.”

Gru is now retired from being a villain, but that doesn’t sit well with his brother, or the Minions.

Steve Carrel (as Gru): “This does not mean that we are going back to being villains.”

Pierre Coffin (as minions): “Yay! Ohhh!”

Since these movies are all about family, I thought I’d involve my family.

Chris Van Vliet: “So I have a niece and two nephews who are so excited for this movie. They actually recorded some questions to ask you.”

Miranda Cosgrove: “Oh how cute. How old are they?”

Chris Van Vliet: “So my niece is 9 years old, and I have twin nephews who are 6 [years old].”

Miranda Cosgrove: “Aw, how cute!”

Chris Van Vliet: “So we’re going to start with Ainsley here”

Miranda Cosgrove: “Hi Ainsley, you’re super cute.”

Ainsley: “I would like to know how you got the part for Margo.”

Miranda Cosgrove: “After the first season of the show I was on, ‘iCarly,’ the casting director of Despicable Me’s daughter was watching in the other room while she was making dinner. She said that she didn’t know whose voice was on TV, but she yelled to her daughter ‘Whose voice is that? She could be good for this thing I’m casting.'”

Since they’re asking such good questions, let’s keep it going!

Clark: “I’m Clark and I’m 6 years old, and what do you think Margo’s going to be when she grows up?”

Miranda Cosgrove: “He’s so cute! What do I think Margo’s going to be when she grows up? I hope that she’s a super hero like her mom and dad.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Ironic because he’s wearing a Superman T-shirt when he asked that question!”

Miranda Cosgrove: “He’s so cute!”

And just like Gru, Colin has a twin brother too!

Colin: “Hi I’m Colin and I’m 6 years old. My question is do you like big fluffy unicorns?”

Miranda Cosgrove: “He said do you like big fluffy unicorns. Yes, I do. I love big fluffy unicorns, and I actually have the big fluffy unicorn stuffed animal from the first movie on my bed in my room, so absolutely yes.”

Nev Scharrel (as Edith): “Look! A unicorn horn!”

Michael Beattie, as Scar-Faced Man: “I saw one once.”

Nev Scharrel (as Edith): “Was it fluffy?”

Michael Beattie (as Scar-Faced Man): “It was so fluffy, I thought I was going to die.”

“Despicable Me” breaks into theaters June 30.

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