"Miracles From Heaven" is a new inspirational movie with Jennifer Garner. It’s a hard story, but a happy one in the end. The cast of the movie traveled all the way to the Magic City, and who better to welcome them than our very own miracle, Chris Van Vliet?

A big, happy Southern family is tragedy-struck when Annabel, one of the children, is diagnosed with an incurable disease. "Miracles From Heaven" is based on a true story, and all of the characters from the film exist in real life.

Jennifer Garner took on the emotionally challenging role of Anna’s mom, Christy.

Jennifer Garner: "Annabel came down with a horrible sickness that they had trouble diagnosing, and Christy helped her through it and she drew from her own faith, and she drew from her own family and community. And in the end of this family story, they had a miracle, and Annabel was cured."

But on the way to that cure, this child fights through a world of pain.

Eugenio Derbez: "It’s a very rare disease where the top part of the stomach works, but the bottom doesn’t."

Eugenio Derbez plays a specialist who treats children with this agonizing disease.

Eugenio Derbez: "He uses a lot of comedy in order to get the kids relaxed and to make him his friends."

The doctor is a source of strength and fun. So is Annabel’s dad, played by Martin Henderson. And where medicine leaves off, the family’s faith takes over.

Martin is originally from New Zealand, but in "Miracles," he gets to play a Texan.

Martin Henderson: "You know, sort of an outdoorsy, meat-eating, fun-loving, very grounded, earthy quality to Texans. It’s not too far from the culture where I grew up at all."

As for Queen Latifah’s character, Angela…

Queen Latifah: "She is a very nice white woman from Boston with a totally different accent."

All that mattered is the positivity she brought to Annabel.

Queen Latifah: "I think it was really about bringing that energy, that light, that love, that friendship, that kindness."

And sometimes that’s what miracles are all about.

"Miracles from Heaven" opens in theaters Wednesday, March 16.

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