The iconic HBO show “The Sopranos” ended 14 years ago, can you believe it? And of course, star James Gandolfini sadly passed away, so you probably thought you’d never get to hear more about Newark’s notorious crime family, but we’re all in luck.

Deco reporter Alex Miranda, who we suspect jay-walked at least once in his life, has the story.

“The Many Saints of Newark” is a prequel movie to the show, but what makes the spinoff special is James’ real-life son, Michael, is playing the younger version of his dad, Tony Soprano.

Thirty years before “The Sopranos,” young Anthony was becoming a man in Newark, New Jersey when rival gangs were rising up and challenging the DiMeo crime family.

In “The Many Saints of Newark,” starring as a young Tony Soprano is the late James Gandolfini’s son, Michael.

Alex Miranda: “The most beautiful aspect about this movie is the fact that you are starring in it.”

Michael Gandolfini: “Something I’m very grateful for. It’s an experience that very few people get to have with fathers that have passed away.”

Michael had never watched the iconic HBO show … until now!

Micahel Gandolfini: “I was so proud of him, watching the show for the first time, how incredible he was.”

In the prequel movie, Tony idolizes his uncle, Dickie, played by Alessandro Nivola.

Alessandro Nivola: “It’s a guy who is really kind of baffled by his own violence.”

He struggles to manage his personal and, uh, “professional” responsibilities.

Alessandro Nivola: “The closest that he comes to having a shrink is a murderer who’s a convict in prison.”

I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say Ray Liotta thinks this script by “The Sopranos” creator really kills it.

Ray Liotta: “It really included everyone: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and that story told the way — or by David Chase — you know, that’s a very special thing.”

Leslie Odom Jr.’s Harold McBrayer is gaining power of his own in the race-torn 1960s and ’70s.

Leslie Odom Jr.: “We’re watching people who love one another, who are loyal to one another. There’s betrayal, too, but that whole thing is about family.”

But don’t get the gangster life twisted. Corey Stoll, who plays a younger junior, admits…

Corey Stoll: “The truth is it was never great. They had an incredible style. They had a lot of fun, but it was a very stressful occupation.”

“The Many Saints of Newark” hits theaters and HBO Max next Friday, Oct. 1.

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