Miami’s been through a lot of changes over the years. It hasn’t always been the gleaming jewel of the Sunshine State. A new bar plans to turn the clock back to a time when the city was gritty and it put the fun in funky.

Don Johnson and Don Shula share more than the same first name.

They’re two Miami legends who inspired a brand-new hangout called Don’s 5 Star Dive Bar.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “So, Don’s 5 Star Dive Bar is a lounge themed after famous Dons from Miami in the ’70s and ’80s.”

Calling the place a dive bar is a badge of honor.

Matthew Kuscher: “So, this is gonna be a lounge where you’re gonna chill out and feel sexy.”

The place is nestled on the ground floor of the Selina Gold Dust Hotel in Miami’s MiMo District.

Matthew Kuscher: “It’s just such a gritty part of Miami and has so much history.”

So maybe you’re thinking, “Why guys named Don?”

Matthew Kuscher: “I always like to embrace the neighborhood I’m in, and since Don Bailey’s been an iconic fixture here for the last 50 years, it started off with Don Bailey.”

Don Bailey’s billboard for his carpet business has been gracing the district for a long time.

These days, the local legend is really happy about being a part of the bar.

Don Bailey: “Everybody in this neighborhood — as a matter of fact, everybody in South Florida — knows who I am, and I’ve told people about it, and they said ‘Oh, we’ll be there.'”

Of course, one Don does not a dive bar make.

Matthew Kuscher: “I just started realizing how many other famous Dons there are in Miami — Don Shula, Don Johnson, and I had to go all Don.”

Coach Shula is immortalized with various books and signs.

As far as Donny J goes, “Miami Vice” episodes run on a constant loop, and look, there’s a Johnson in the bathroom.

Don’t let the place fool you.

Women get their props here.

Matthew Kuscher: “But we also appreciate and love all our Donnas and Dawns.”

A photo of politician and former University of Miami President Donna Shalala proudly adorns the ladies’ room door.

Donna Shalala: “Thank you for the extraordinary opportunity to have my name on a transformational building.”

Every Don has a drink created in his honor.

Matthew Kuscher: “All the Don cocktails are made specifically for here.”

There’s also finger food, like PB&J sandwiches and onion dip and chips, available to munch on.

Our advice: dive into Don’s 5 Star Dive Bar for a taste of how Miami used to be.

Sabrina, customer: “It’s awesome. There’s nothing like this around here. We just moved from Georgia, so it’s great to be Miami-based and everything around that, it’s great.”


Don’s 5 Star Dive Bar
7700 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138

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