Summer in SoFlo means fun in the sun, and it’s time for summer discounts — starting with Spa Months. The deals last for just a couple of months, and deals they are. Even better, some of the most amazing spas are taking part. That means Deco’s having a day of beauty.

Scrub away stress.

Bill Talbert, President and CEO, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau: “Spa Months is two months, 60 days: July 1st to the end of August.”

Spas in Miami are practically giving away the good vibes.

Bill Talbert: “You will not get these values at any spa, at any time, but under Miami Spa Months. It’s up to 50% off: $109, $139 and $199 for the best treatments that you’ll ever get in the year.”

K’Alma Spa at the Hotel Victor on South Beach created all-natural treatments just for the occasion.

Francesca Padron, K’Alma Spa: “Two of the unique treatments that we are doing for Spa Months are the quinoa facial and the pisco sour body scrub.”

The ingredients are so natural, you could eat them.

Francesca Padron: “What makes these two treatments unique and different is that they’re actually edible, but they also benefit the skin.”

If it’s good for your insides, why not put it on the outside?

Francesca Padron: “Not only are they edible and nutritional, but they’re also fun, and they’re actually going to help promote and help the skin.”

Quinoa makes a good side dish. Mixed with cinnamon and coconut oil, it makes a great face mask.

Francesca Padron: “The benefit of the quinoa mask is the vitamin B. That helps with the anti-aging process, with the elasticity of the skin and also firming.”

Alyssa Infante, customer: “Usually, when I get facials, you don’t think of it as something that goes on your skin, and it’s something you also eat, but that factor just adds something else that is very unique.”

The pisco sour body polish will have you saying cheers to super smooth skin.

Francesca Padron: “The reason it’s called the pisco sour is because it’s the same ingredients that you would use in the actual pisco. so we use lemon, we use cinnamon, and we also use sugar.”

Yes, it’s got pisco, too.

Francesca Padron: “Because we are a Peruvian spa, it’s the national drink for Peru, and we use it as a body scrub. This helps protect and nourish the skin.”

Alyssa Infante: “I think it’s an amazing experience to have something that’s so natural and edible at the spa itself, and having those things is just really beneficial for your skin and the environment.”

Miami Spa Months

K’Alma Spa
Hotel Victor South Beach
1144 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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