Miami native Carlos Gomez talks running Cuban bakery in ‘The Baker and the Beauty’

Looking for some tasty TV? Take a bite out of “The Baker and the Beauty.”

The Latino-driven rom-com is streaming on Netflix.

Deco sat down with series star and Miami native, Carlos Gomez, who’s glad to be in the bakery.

Carlos Gomez is a big daddy on “The Baker and the Beauty.”

Carlos Gomez: “‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is a story about a Cuban immigrant family that has a bakery in Miami.”

He runs the family and the family business.

Carlos Gomez: “I play Rafael Garcia, I am the owner of the bakery.”

And there’s a lot more than churros and café con leche going on here.

Carlos Gomez (as Rafael Garcia) “She’s a celebrity, she makes people fall in love with her for a living. Just don’t get carried away.”

Victor Rasuk (as Daniel Garcia): “Dad, I won’t.”

Carlos Gomez: “I have three kids and my oldest son falls in love with this big superstar and we’re obviously from different means. Chaos ensues, and the show’s really about how it affects our family and affects his love life.”

Nathalie Kelley (as Noa Hamilton): “Come on, in 10 seconds TMZ is gonna be all over us, so what do you say, in or out?”

The pastries you see in the bakery are the real deal. And the cast even made them!

Carlos Gomez: “We had a technical adviser who taught us how to bake, how to make pastillitos de guayaba, how to make Cuban pastries.”

Don’t be surprised if Carlos chooses to perfect his pastry technique for real someday.

Carlos Gomez: “You never know, there might be a bakery, a Cuban bakery from an actor in the future on Eighth Street. You never know.”

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