The fashion world can be cutthroat, even more than TV news, and “Making the Cut” on Amazon Prime Video is no different. This season, there’s a familiar face from the South Florida fashion world, so Deco got dressed up to get the reality show scoop.

Tim Gunn: “Let’s start the fashion show.”

Heidi Klum: “Hey, that’s my line. Let’s start the fashion show.”

Fashion is a passion on Amazon Prime Video. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are back for Season 2 of “Making the Cut.”

Heidi Klum: “We’re here to find the next great fashion brand.”

Ten designers from all over the world compete to be a cut above the rest.

The winner gets to sell their clothing line on Amazon Fashion, and….

Heidi Klum: “The winner will get $1 million.”

Contestant: “Cha-ching.”

SoFlo contestant Andrea Salazar hopes to be rolling in that dough.

Andrea Salazar: “This is huge. I have to win this.”

Andrea Salazar: “It was awesome to work with these talented and experienced people.”

Andrea is the woman behind Seta in Brickell City Center. Her looks make a statement.

Andrea Salazar: “My designs are edgy, I would say, but at the same time versatile. You can use them anytime, and they are timeless pieces.”

Andrea creates looks from head to toe. Check out those shoes.

Her fashion rule is … there are none.

Andrea Salazar: “I want to mix different styles. You can see one of them, a more rocky style for a night out look, for a Miami night. You can also see another one more romantic with skirt, like a tulle skirt.”

Andrea knows clothes. TV, on the other hand, she learned it’s not as easy as it looks. (We could have told her that.)

Andrea Salazar: “The shooting days were long. We were, like, from 10 a.m. to midnight. Behind the scenes of the show, you feel a lot of feelings. It’s, like, crazy because you feel overwhelmed, but I think you have to be focused on what you are doing and justforget the rest.”

Time to dish. Deco needed to know, are Heidi and Tim as awesome in person as they are on TV?

Andrea Salazar: “Tim is fun. He knows what he’s talking. He’s cute. he’s like a little daddy. Heidi is funny. She’s very kind. She was, like, always super positive and giving the best advice.”

Andrea’s takeaway from being on TV?

Andrea Salazar: “Follow your gut and be ready for anything.”

Heidi Klum: “Go from your heart and don’t be afraid. Blow us away.”

You can catch Season 2 of “Making the Cut” on Amazon Prime Video now.

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