‘Mayans MC’ picks up where ‘Sons of Anarchy’ left off on small screen

Fans of “Sons of Anarchy” are in for a treat because the creator is giving us a new show that picks up where “Anarchy” left off. Deco spoke to the stars of “Mayans MC.”

Emilio Rivera (as Marcus Alvarez): “Gas it up and detail it. I don’t want to see a spec of dust, huh.”

There’s a new bike gang ready to take over the small screen.

“Mayans MC” is the next chapter of the hit series “Sons of Anarchy.”

JD Pardo: “This is just a continuation of that world and of that storytelling. The story is now with the Mayans MC, taking place three or four years after Jax Teller’s death.”

In case you need a reminder of how “Sons of Anarchy” ended…

*Gets hit by truck*

“Mayans” star Edward James Olmos says “Sons of Anarchy” fans…

Edward James Olmos: “Will appreciate the world because you’ll understand it.”

Though co-star JD Pardo says it doesn’t actually matter if you’ve never seen an episode.

JD Pardo: “The story has shifted over to the Mayans, and so stands on its own.”

The Mayans are a different group of bikers. And in this show, the bikers have to settle for an alliance with a Mexican drug cartel.

Edward James Olmos: “It’s dark and it’s very powerful.”

Since the cast plays a bunch of bikers, that meant mastering the skill of riding motorcycles.

JD Pardo: “I get to go to work and ride a Harley.”

And for JD Pardo, looking like a real biker meant going to school, and not just any school.

JD Pardo: “Harley school was great.”

JD tells us there was a lot of classroom work and then…

JD Pardo: “A lot of it is cone work.”

You know, like weaving in and out of cones.

And then they got to ride the bikes.

JD Pardo: “It can be intimidating, but it was a lot of fun and I think that we all just took to it so well.”

Sounds like quite the ride!

JD also told us he didn’t know how to ride a motorcycle before production began. I’d say he’s a real pro now.

Mayans MC debuts Tuesday night on FX.

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