Getting a good education is important for any career, and that’s especially true if you want to work in television — or make beer. Or do both! Deco caught up with a school where there’s a wealth of knowledge on tap.

From Wynwood to M.I.A., there’s no shortage of places to grab a pint. But if your love of beer goes beyond just tasting it, it’s time to get schooled.

Todd Space: “The nice thing is, in three months, you can start a brand new career.”

The Master Brewer Academy can help you turn beer into a career.

Todd Space: “So the Brewing Academy is a nine-week curriculum, followed by a three-week internship. The first month is all on the science of brewing.”

From ingredients to equipment to technique, the class puts you ahead of the rest.

Todd Space: “By going through it, you’re gonna have worked with every craft brewer in South Florida. But you’re gonna know all the head brewers, so you’re gonna be really easy to get foot in door. As soon as you’re done with the internship, you wanna set foot into a brewery and pretty much start your trade.”

We met up with a class at J. Wakefield Brewing in Wynwood. Today’s lesson? Brewing 101.

Todd Space: “You know that we’re using our barley. We’re using our hops, water and yeast.”

Advanced students learn the science of beer.

Todd Space: “Chemistry is the big one. Microbiology is actually a huge one, and that’s something by going through the program, you’re gonna get a much better foundation of the science and how that works.”

And when the bell rings — you’ll want to stay after class…

Todd Space: “Every single day ends with what we call sensory analysis. To really understand what you’re doing and also to check your product throughout the brewing process, you have to sample it.

Student: “It was super informative. I used to work at a beer garden, so that’s where my passion for beer started and I’m really glad that I did this.”

The samples are free — but the class isn’t.

Todd Space: “It’s $7,000 if you mention Deco Drive.”

But for the students — it’s a tab worth paying.

Student: “I plan on opening my own place. Using this knowledge from the MBA will definitely help me.”

Master Brewer Academy

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