‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ inspires old-school fashion trends

There’s nothing like an old-school movie to bring back fab fashions. “Mamma Mia” is all about style. From the runways to the rolling racks, this movie is inspiring some of the hottest fashion trends.

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” is here, and it doesn’t just have us singing and dancing — it’s inspiring our fashion.

So we’re bringing you some of the terrific trends from the movie.

Paula Collarte, stylist: “In ‘Mamma Mia 2,” we’re seeing a lot of 70s vibes.”

From the move to the runway…

Paula Collarte: “We’ve got lots of sequins, we’ve got lots of stripes, big, bold patterns and obviously bell bottoms.”

The trends speak to South Florida living.

Paula Collarte: “We live by the ocean. They’re all easy pieces, flowy and you can go from day to night in all of them.”

Thanks to Shore Club South Beach, we felt like we were right in the middle of a scene from the movie.

So let’s get to it.

First up, the boho trend.

Paula Collarte: “In every scene in the movie, there’s a boho chic inspired look.”

From flowy tops, to embroidered jackets, to even a crop top — there really aren’t many rules.

Paula Collarte: “The boho look, you can take it as far and extreme as you want.”

Next up — bell bottoms, which are featured several times in the movie.

Paula Collarte: “Bell bottoms look great on anybody. The key to this would be getting a pair of bell bottoms that aren’t too long.”

Now overalls, which are seen on Amanda Seyfried and Lily James’ characters.

Paula Collarte: “Overalls are fun because you can wear them dressy or you can wear them casual.”

Amanda’s character is inspiring the comeback of this: the fashion poncho.

Paula Collarte: “I loved how Sophie wore it in the movie. She put it on with some jeans. I added a little belt to it and some necklaces.”

Amanda Seyfried (as Sophie): “Grandma, you weren’t invited.”

Cher (as Ruby Sheridan): “That’s the best kind of party, little girl.”

Cher is no stranger to the 70s or trend-setting.

Not only is her character shady in the movie, she’s also wearing a classic pair of sunglasses: the cat eye.

Paula Collarte: “These never go out of style. They look elegant on every woman that wears them.”

Hey — even Shireen is a fan, again and again.

She also rocks sequins.

Paula Collarte: “Sequins is super 70s and it’s coming right back.”

If Cher does it, who doesn’t do it?

You don’t have to go high-end for these fashion pieces.

Some of the stuff is from local designers.


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