Make a splash with these fun Intex pool floats

Summer’s coming and it’s time to up your game in the accessories department. And were not talking hats and sunglasses. Deco’s checking out some new pool floats that are really making a splash.

From swans to giant 10-person floats, to inflatable versions of Kim Kardashian’s butt — pool floats have come a long way.

Now pool toys are making us hungry.

Mike May: “These pool floats are a little different than the average pool float. They’re a actually photo realistic food images transposed into a float.”

Deco hit the pool at the National Hotel on South Beach, and got a taste of these delectable designs.

Mike May: “So we have things like orange slices, pizza slices. Everyone’s looking to stand out either in their bathing suit, hat or sunglasses. The pool float is just another way to make yourself a little different.”

Orange you glad you have the day off?

Mike May: “When you look at these things, it makes you want to have a piece of orange, ’cause it’s so enticing.”

Nothing like a frozen treat on a hot summer’s day.

Mike May: “We also have a popsicle, many different colors, just like you see at the grocery store.”

Patron 1: “I think its pretty neat. I’ve never seen one like it. I love popsicles.”

Now you can get your pizza pool party started.

Patron 2: “It does make me hungry. I wanna get some pizza right now. If I were gonna order a pizza, I would get it with mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, peppers, everything.”

Easy on the pizza if you want to keep that beach bod.

The floats, made by Intex, cost around $20.

Best of all, you’ll never lose it.

Mike May: “If you happen to misplace yours, you’ll be able to find it easily ’cause it’s the pizza slice!”



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