‘Logan’ world premiere held at Berlin Film Festival

It’s the end of a superhero era. The movie “Logan” will be the third and final “Wolverine” solo film that was born from the “X-Men” movies, and this past weekend, the movie’s stars got to premiere it to some lucky fans in Germany.

Wolverine fans had a reel scream at the Berlin Film Festival. It was the world premiere of “Logan,” and Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were among the stars hitting the red carpet.

“Logan” is another name for Wolverine, and Jackman has starred as the clawed mutant for 17 years in various “X-Men” movies and Wolverine spinoffs.

But Hugh says “Logan” is the end of the road for him.

Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine): “I’m not whatever it is you think I am.”

Hugh Jackman: “I don’t think I could have made this movie if I didn’t know it was the last.”

The Australian actor looked pretty snazzy in a gray suit — and a bandage on his nose after having a skin cancer growth removed.

For Hugh, the premiere wasn’t about what he was wearing. It was about honoring the character.

Hugh Jackman: “I think going in knowing there were no second chances, this was my last chance to really put a stamp on the character that I have lived with, that I’ve loved for all these years. I don’t think this movie would have been possible otherwise.”

And, just like in the movie, Professor X wasn’t far from Logan. For as long as Hugh has played Wolverine, Patrick Stewart has been there as Professor Charles Xavier.

Patrick Stewart: “This movie is unlike anything else that we’ve done in this franchise, and every moment of it was delightful and charming and interesting, and sometimes sad, too.”

“Logan” is set in the near future, a time when it seems to Logan and Professor X like their kind is dying out. But that’s when they meet Laura, a young mutant played by Dafne Keen.

Patrick Stewart (as Professor Charles Xavier): “She’s like you, very much like you.”

Patrick Stewart: “We were a trio in the movie, but it was a marvelous experience. I hope that everyone enjoys it.”

“Logan” claws its way into theaters March 3.

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