Ever wonder what your pet is thinking? You’re about to find out.

Fox’s new show “HouseBroken” gives us a funny, animated look at what Fido may really think of you.
And when it’s done, you may need therapy.

Life is ruff for the furry friends in Fox’s new show called “HouseBroken.”

Sam Richardson (as Chico): “Kevin left town again. It’s hard for him to be away from me.”

The animated comedy is about a group of neighborhood pets and strays in a therapy group.

Lisa Kudrow voices Honey, the therapy group leader.

Lisa Kudrow (as Honey): “That’s what I’m talking about.”

For Kudrow, there was an immediate animal attraction to the role.

Lisa Kudrow: “I grew up with six cats. Always had a cat and dog and a chicken at one point, but right now, I just have one small, perfect dog.”

Clea DuVall voices know-it-all corgi, Elsa.

DuVall pulled double duty. She also co-created the series inspired by her own crazy relationship with her cat, Twigg.

Clea Duvall: “I’m just always failing her in some way, and I thought, ‘All I want to do is go to therapy with you and you tell me what you need and I will do it.'”

Lisa and Clea are just two of the uber funny voices in this bunch.

Lisa Kudrow: “I saw Will Forte. Tony Hale. I know them. Sam Richardson. I love him, and Sharon Horgan. I’m looking at the list of names and said, ‘Well, I’m in.'”

And, the gig was something new and different for Lisa.

Lisa Kudrow: “I’ve only ever done stuff, series that, I’ve seen them, I knew what the tone was and I knew who everybody else was, all the other characters, and so, yeah this was completely different for me. Really challenging in a good way.”

So how did they get into their roles? They watched a lot of online videos.

Clea Duvall: “We had some inspiration from some real-life animal videos in the show. In the writers’ room, we did a lot of animal video watching.”

Lisa Kudrow (as Honey): “I’m passionate about working on myself and peanut butter.”

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