‘Lights Out’ cast talks ghosts, hauntings and fear of the dark

The people behind “Lights Out” will be able to pay the light bill. That’s because the horror movie made about $2 million just in its opening night. As for everybody else who saw the film, they likely ended up sleeping with the lights on… because the movie scared the pee out of them.

Maria Bello (as Sophie): “A long time ago, I had a friend named Diana, and something really bad happened to her.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Teresa Palmer (as Rebecca): “Everyone is afraid of the dark.”

In “Lights Out,” a family is haunted by their past — and a woman who thrives on their fear of the dark.

Teresa Palmer: “I love a simple premise, so a fear of the dark, that is such an instinctual, primal thing.”

Teresa Palmer is Rebecca, a young woman whose life has been controlled by a nightmare that’s come to life.

Teresa Palmer: “She is a woman who has had her childhood obliterated by her mother’s illness, which isn’t the fault of her mother; it’s just circumstantial. But she’s also a warrior.”

When Rebecca realizes that her childhood nightmare is now haunting her brother Martin, she goes home to protect him.

Maria Bello: “This is a horror/thriller, like, ghost story. It’s one of those things that, if I saw it at 12 years old, I would be freaked out by it.”

Maria Bello plays Rebecca and Martin’s mom, a woman with scary things inside her head, and an entity named Diana in her house.

Maria Bello: “The question is who or what is Diana? Certainly Diana is an old friend of mine. I’m suffering from mental illness, and you don’t understand who is controlling whom, if i am controlling Diana or is she controlling me.”

Rebecca finds support from her boyfriend, Bret, played by Alexander DiPersia.

Alexander DiPersia: “He’s trying to get in there. He’s trying to get a little bit closer, and then some stuff arises and he still goes with her. He’s a good guy.”

Bret wins the boyfriend of the year award because he sticks around when things get dark and scary.

Alexander DiPersia: “He’s a nice puppy.”

“Lights Out” will make you think twice before turning your lights out.

Alexander DiPersia: “It’s different than what you expect. It’s going to scare the crap out of you, for sure, but it’s also going to make you care a little bit, which is going to scare you even more.”

“Lights Out” is now out in theaters.

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