Let your fashion pop with polka dots

Polka dots may never truly be out of style, but they’ve been especially in fashion this summer. A-listers have been sporting the vintage look, and you can too. Deco Drive crossed their t’s and dotted their polkas with a couple local fashion hotspots.

What is this, 1950 or 2018?

Polka dots are in!

Anastagia Pierre, Hot Miami Styles: “Polka dots are a trend that we see all the time. Right now, it’s super in for summertime, and it’s such a classic look.”

We have celebs like Kelly Ripa, Christie Brinkley and Nikki Bella to thank for that.

Anastagia Pierre: “It kind of just has a trickle-down effect. You’ll start seeing the celebrities, then we’ll see people on the streets.”

We met up with our peeps from Hot Miami Styles at the beautiful Loews Miami Beach to check out different looks.

Anastagia Pierre: “Hot Miami Styles is an online clothing boutique, and they specialize in just that: the hottest Miami trends.”

What’s really hot is this romper.

It could melt a cheese sandwich from across the room.

Anastagia Pierre: “Rompers are super in for the summer, especially in the warm Miami weather.”

But the great thing about polka dots is you have options.

Anastagia Pierre: “I really just think it just depends on how you’re feeling. I would definitely go with the shorter, flirtier styles for the daytime and class it up a little bit for the evening with pants.”

The Yas Gonzalez Atelier in the Bird Road Art District is adding to your options with a personal touch.

Yas Gonzalez, designer: “I use my hands to make everything. I speak to the client, I make everything to their desire knowing through my experience what’s best for them.”

Since we keep spotting celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski and Nina Dobrev in their swanky swimwear, we had Yas whip us up a little something.

Yas Gonzalez: “Polka dots are very popular in swimwear because it’s very inspired by the 1950s.”

And the belt livens it up thanks to the technique of color blocking.

Yas Gonzalez: “Using different colors but with the same pattern, and that makes it look a little more modern.”

Don’t be afraid to get colorful with your polka dots either.

Just beware of going overboard.

Yas Gonzalez: “You don’t want to have a polka dot party all over, so you want to tone it down a little bit with maybe a red accessory or maybe red lipstick.”

It’s ultimately up to you!

Yas Gonzalez: “You can have fun with it, and that’s what fashion is all about. Just basically having fun with whatever trend comes in.”


Hot Miami Styles

Yas Gonzalez Atelier
7061 SW 47th St.
Miami, FL 33155

Loews Miami Beach Hotel
1601 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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