Lego exhibit at Flamingo Gardens features stunning sculptures, lets you get creative

We’ve actually got amazing Lego displays in our own backyard, right this very second. A cool new exhibit has popped up at Flamingo Gardens in Davie. Deco’s unlicensed architect, Alex Miranda, is there with the details.

One artist is transforming Flamingo Gardens into a Lego brick lover’s paradise, with literally over 400,000 Lego pieces.

You played with them as kids. You’ve seen the reality competition show. Now Lego bricks are coming to life at Flamingo Gardens in Davie.

Jessica Parks: “Bert asked me if the gardeners were real, if they were, like, I think they’d be a 7-foot-tall gardeners.”

Thirteen of these how-did-they-do-that sculptures by artist Sean Kenney are on display throughout the 65 lush acres here.

Cori Glick, Lego Liaison: “Because it’s a mixture of art and fun, and it’s a little bit of a curiosity, it’s phenomenal to see.”

Like a spider bigger than your worst nightmare, this gravity-defying hummingbird and that beautiful butterfly.

Then, of course, there’s the biggest showoff in the entire animal kingdom.

Cori Glick: “This peacock is made out of 68,827 pieces, and it took over 625 man hours.”

Now they’re just “peacocky.”

Cori Glick: “That right there is a feat in and of itself.”

But what keeps these works of art from, like, uh, falling apart?

Cori Glick: “Sean Kenney has an organic solvent that they use that actually, once the pieces are done, they’ll actually melt the pieces together.”

That is to prevent things like, say, a Lego tower to topple.

Young builders can get some serious practice in their new Building Zone.

Jessica Parks: “He loves building towers and bridges. He’s going to be an architect.”

Because you never quite age out of Legos…

Alex Miranda: “Don’t laugh, but this is supposed to say ‘Deco,’ and yes, that is an ‘o.'”

When they say they’re serious about taking every precaution to keep you safe, they’re not kidding around.

Keith Clark: “We have separate kits for each child to come in and play with, and those are sterilized after every use.”

Flamingo Gardens is planning an adult night where only the grown-ups can come in after the park closes.

Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks
Flamingo Gardens
3750 S Flamingo Road
Davie, FL 33330

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