A good education and quality chocolate are two of the most valuable things in the world. (That’s proven science that I just made up.) So fortunately, a chocolate shop in South Miami is combining the two. You are what you eat? No. You eat what you make.

Hey there, good lookin’. This spot in South Miami is “choc” full of beautiful chocolate.

Isabel Garcia Nevett: “The shop is called Garcia Nevett – Chocolatier de Miami. My sister Susana and I have an artisan chocolate shop. You can come into our shop and look into the back and see us making our chocolates every day.”

And these chocolatier sisters are sharing their yummy knowledge with all of us.

Isabel Garcia Nevett: “Chocolate is this beautiful food that more and more we’re treating like wine, like a really fine food, so we want people to learn more about chocolate.”

They have a “Chocolate Experience” class every month, where you not only taste some chocolates and learn about them…

Isabel Garcia Nevett: “Ganache is a term for a mixture of chocolate and heavy cream.”

You get to make your own chocolate bars! The class, including your 3 bars, costs $45.

Isabel Garcia Nevett: “We have a beautiful, professional tempering machine. Everyone just really loves working with the machine and working with the molds.”

Then you add on your toppings, like coconut, almonds or dried strawberries.

Isabel made us our very own Deco Drive chocolate bar.

Isabel Garcia Nevett: “The Deco Drive chocolate bar is very Miami. We’re using cashews, dried pineapple, coconuts and a little bit of the 24-karat gold leaf.”

Now we’re feeling like Charlie from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

After a few minutes in the fridge, you’ve got three of your very own chocolate bars. Time to enjoy the fruits — well, the chocolates — of your labor.

Marivi Hudson: “Really delicious. It’s not only that you make the chocolate, it’s that you make the chocolate knowing where it comes from, which ingredients it really has.”

Chris Hudson: “I thought it was great. I’m excited to take those chocolates home and eat them.”

And let’s just say the Deco Drive bar didn’t make it back to the station.

Garcia Nevett – Chocolatier de Miami
7312 SW 57th Ave.
Miami, FL 33143

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