Lauder Ale Brewery is bringing the buzz to yoga enthusiasts

Yoga strengthens the body and the mind. Beer kinda does the opposite. But the two are coming together at a Broward brewery and really, it’s not such a stretch.

At Lauder Ale Brewery in Fort Lauderdale, yoga enthusiasts get together to stretch their bodies while sipping on some ice cold beer.

Alyssa Gruber, yoga instructor: “Every month, we hold a yoga class here in the morning before the brewery opens. You can get a little bit of fitness on and then also work for your reward.”

The whole idea is to work outside the traditional yoga box and to attract folks who might not consider partaking in the regimen.

Alyssa Gruber: “I just thought this would be a really unique atmosphere. They have an inside space, they have an outside space, and I thought it could be a new environment and maybe a new audience for yoga.”

Don’t go thinking you’re gonna get this big buzz during class, unless one mug does you in. Once school is out, however, that’s a different story.

Alyssa Gruber: “We keep it to one but then if you stay after, it’s a free for all. They give you a nice discount on your tab if you participate in class.”

Your glass isn’t just a beer vessel, it’s actually part of your workout.

Alyssa Gruber: “In exchange for the yoga prop, we can use the glass.”

This gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase, ‘holding your liquor’.”

Alyssa Gruber: “That activates certain muscles that maybe if you didn’t have a prop there, you wouldn’t be aware of.”

Brave students can attempt to balance their beer on their heads. It might look a little odd but it’s totally legit.

Alyssa Gruber: “There is actually a lot of technique going on here, again, we do a pretty standard yoga class until the end when we incorporate the beer.”

The combination of yoga and beer has students buzzing about the class.

Christopher, attended class: “The yoga’s relaxing you, the beer’s relaxing you.”

Carolina, attended class: “A little bit of a yoga buzz.”

Christopher: “There you go, a yoga beer buzz.”

Lauder Ale Brewery
3305 SE 14th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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