Miami is a fashion hot spot. There are talented designers, and SoFlo is always setting trends. Deco found one designer who has taken her talent for knitting and is making it more Miami.

You won’t find sweaters at this boutique, but what you will find will turn heads and make your northern friends jealous of your Miami knitwear.

KRELwear isn’t your grandma’s knitting. It’s bold, bright and based in Ironside, the area north of the Design District.

Karelle Levy, KRELwear: “KRELwear is a unique knitwear brand made in Miami, for Miami.”

Spools of yarn are turned into clothing that doubles as wearable art.

Karelle Levy: “The fabric is like, ‘Oh, I like this color, and I like this color. Let’s blend them.'”

Once the colors are picked, a knitting machine helps make the fabric in no time.

Karelle Levy: “Every time I pass the machine once, that creates one row, and go back and forth. I can change colors, and that’s how it’s made.”

The fabric is made into a dress, romper, even short shorts.

And because knits are stretchy, it’s for everyone.

Karelle Levy: “The pieces are body conscious pieces, which means they fit your body shape, so if you are a size zero or a size 12, if you have a curvy body, it’s going to hug your curves.”

If you see a midriff top in one color, and you want it in another, just ask.

Karelle Levy: “We will take the measurements of that person, and then we will get to knit and we will make that piece as identical as we can make it.”

Some of these designs will light up your life.

Karelle Levy: “I found yarn that glows in UV light and glows in the dark. So I have part of the collection that literally glows in the dark.”

Their KREL collection isn’t their only clothing. Quickie couture is interactive fast fashion.

Karelle Levy: “Quickie couture is a project where I can custom make anyone anything they want.”

Customers look through design options, pick fabric and then with safety pins, scissors and stitches … voilà! You have a garment.

Kat Quinn: “I’m blown away. I love its super quick designs, all one of a kind. And I am more than happy with my one-of-a-kind design today.”

Quickie couture costs from $20 to $150, and in less than an hour, you have clothing made just for you.

Karelle Levy: “I do a Polaroid photo afterwards, and the only thing I keep is the Polaroid and the person keeps the Quickie.”

KRELwear is perfect for Deco, too. Thank you, KREL, for my awesome dress.


KRELwear Tropical Knitwear
7520 N.E. 4th Ct.
Miami, FL 33138
(305) 528-2755

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