Okay, ladies…it’s time to blow the whistle and cry “foul” on your high-heel sneaker wedges; even your throwback Chuck Taylor’s need a time-out, too. I know, I know, I’m crying with you. I mean, there’s nothing like a cool, classic, comfortable tennis shoe with a twist to make a fashionista feel like she’s at the top of her game.

The good news: the clock isn’t running down just yet on the tennis shoe trend. Matter of fact, this Spring and Summer it’s going into overtime by changing up its play-by-play strategy with something called “Kool Kicks” and it’s easy to become a member of the team.

The latest and greatest in the relaxed sports shoe craze is a recreation of the 1976 old school Vans “Slip-On.” The shoe, originally called “The #44,” was made popular by professional skateboarders and BMX riders in Southern California. It was well-liked because of its rugged make-up and sticky sole, which had riders glued to their boards and pedals.

Fast forward almost thirty years later and the fashion world is adhering itself to the same style. “Kool Kicks” have a thick, white rubber bottom that hugs up the side of the shoe, creating a boat-like effect. They come in a plethora of different colors and prints. The most popular “Slip-On” is the checkerboard version, which was the quintessential unisex sneaker of the 80’s.

For me, though, the most valuable player of the season are the designs by ASH (pictured in the blog). I love how they mix and match muted animal prints and then pop the heel tab with bright colors. It’s definitely a slam dunk of a way to funk up your style.

Next up on the roster: changing up the typical uniform of days gone by. “Kool Kicks” don’t necessarily call for skinny jeans and a relaxed top anymore. Instead, step up your game by pairing your pretty “Slip-On’s” with a wide-legged onesie, or a sexy, asymmetrical body hugging, knee-length dress.

No matter how you wear it, it’s a look that’s sure to score you a Fashion Championship Title and that’s why “Kool Kicks” are one of my favorite things.

Blog wardrobe & ASH “Slip-On’s” provided by
Twitter @KokoPalenki
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Twitter @ShireenSandoval
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photography by tod p/t4twophotography
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Hair & Make-up by Odette Hernandez
Twitter @Odettehernandz
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Editor: Matthew Auerbach

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