You know it’s not just nesting season for many wild birds this time of year… urban hipsters are flocking to a new restaurant on Brickell. It’s a cool new place where they can roost high above the crowds below and enjoy cocktails and din din. Chris Van Vliet is here with the deets.

The cool thing about Komodo is it’s a huge place with tons of little intimate spaces to enjoy yourself. And the best one are high above it, all with a bird’s eye view of everything down below.

Fly above it all in your own private bird’s nest at Komodo– a new Asian-themed restaurant on Brickell. It’s the brainchild of LIV Nightclub guru David Grutman.

David Grutman: "Komodo’s a restaurant with a vibe and an energy, and it’s big and glamorous."

It’s 17,000 square feet of big and glamorous with three levels, high ceilings and cozy little nests to hide away in.

David Grutman: "We’re an indoor/outdoor restaurant. We have bird’s nests where you’re gonna be able to have dinner 40 feet up in the air."

You’re in a huge garden with real trees and the nests are very exclusive, so you’ll need to reserve ahead…

David Grutman: "We have four bird’s nests and they range all in different sizes. We have an emperor’s nest which people rent out for their birthdays or big special occasions, where it’s you and 20 or 30 of your closest friends."

Or book a smaller nest… either way, nesting starts at $100 a head– but you get a four-course meal. The menu is contemporary Southeast Asian…

David Grutman: "For the food, we’re following the Marco Polo trail. So we’re taking food items from Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangkok, Japan all over, so you can have a great taste of how they went on the trail."

You get a hot and a cold appetizer– and a main plate like Hong Kong lobster with uzu brown butter and onion rings, authentic peking duck or seared tuna porterhouse… yum!

Dessert’s included but drinks are extra. And like a bird, you can tweet right from your nest if you’re having a good time.

Greg Grutman: "People are raving about the food which I was so excited ’cause I didn’t want them to say, ‘Oh some nightclub guy is opening a restaurant.’ We actually focus so much on the food that people are blown away by it."

You can also book private bottle service in the nests at Komodo.

801 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 534-2211

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