South Beach is an art lover’s paradise, and one hotel isn’t just bringing the art. It’s also bringing the artist. Later this year, you’ll get to watch them work in person, and maybe become an artist yourself?

It’s already a South Beach hot spot.

Sinem Kaya, general manager, Kimpton Angler’s South Beach: “Two pools, one being on the rooftop. We have an amazing seafood restaurant called Seawell.”

But with the new “Art for All” series at the Kimpton Angler’s, you get more than just a swanky hotel suite with your stay.

Sinem Kaya: “Art is everywhere.”

Starting with the “SoBe Is Love” installation on Washington and Sixth…

Sinem Kaya: “It’s such an Instagram moment.”

Before you even check in.

Sinem Kaya: “We have a great mural from an Israeli artist called Piele Palette.”

And now, guests — and locals — can get intimate with the artists.

Marco Gallotta, artist and designer: “I will demonstrate my technique to an audience.”

Marco Gallotta is an Italian-born, New York-based artist and designer, whose paper-cutting…

Marco Gallotta: “It’s an old technique that I took, and I’ve made my own.”

Has landed him A-list clients like Will Smith.

Marco Gallotta: “The viewer gets sucked in. You have to really get close to the piece, and it’s never enough. Every time you move closer, you see something different.”

On select dates, you can watch Marco do his thing in the Minnow Bar patio.

Marco Gallotta: “And the idea is just to create shapes, and they come out.”

But, safety first!

Alex Miranda: “The hand has to be away, and you move the razor away from you.”

Now that I’m an expert on the topic, of course … ugh! Spoke too soon.

Alex Miranda: “Er, I don’t know what I did here.”

But, in his art, Marco says, there are only happy mistakes. Mostly.

Marco Gallotta: “Kind of impressive, but can you do … this?”

Alex Miranda: “Marco, what do you think?”

Marco Gallotta: “Yeah, Alex, that’s great.”

Alex Miranda: “I think so.”

You can see Marco’s works on display through the end of the year … just not this one.

Kimpton Angler’s South Beach
Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Marco Gallotta

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