Justin Timberlake is showing off his acting chops in a new drama, but it’s his 8-year-old co-star who’s stealing the show. Thirty-four-year-old reporter Alex Miranda, who doesn’t look a day past 35, has the story.

The film is called “Palmer.” Our boy JT is acting again. He’s serving drama, he’s serving tears, but if something about this is jogging your memory, like, of a certain handsy situation on a balcony in New Orleans, well, you’re right.

Do you give second chances?

Woman in convenience store: “You ain’t nothing but a criminal. You got no right looking after any child.”

What if I told you it was for Justin Timberlake? In “Palmer,” JT plays Eddie, a former high school football star who returns home after 12 years in prison.

But it’s the bond he forms with an outcast boy from a troubled home…

Justin Timberlake (as Eddie Palmer): “How many boys do you see that show?”

Ryder Allen (as Sam): “None.”

Justin Timberlake (as Eddie Palmer): “What does that tell you?”

Ryder Allen (as Sam): “That I can be the first.”

That just might give him all the direction he needs in life.

Justin Timberlake (as Eddie Palmer): “The truth is, I haven’t felt like I was good at anything, until Sam.”

We should probably all get used to Sam’s name now: Ryder Allen. He’s only 8 years old, and he’s got a whole lot to say about his character, who isn’t like most of the other boys.

Ryder Allen: “You need to accept yourself. I want you to know that you need to accept other people for who they are.”

Warning: this is going to age us all, but Ryder didn’t know who Justin was when they first met.

But now, he tells me…

Ryder Allen: “I’m a major fan. I love his music, I love his acting. He’s so good at both.”

Director Fisher Stevens says the ‘not knowing’ part probably helped him land the job.

Fisher Stevens: “When Ryder and Justin read together for the first time, and Ryder didn’t know who he was, there was this chemistry that they had, and there was this incredible ability to listen to one another.”

Speaking of second chances, it’s a good thing that Justin’s wife, Jessica Biel, gave him one.

Remember this from 2019? Yes, this is that movie where paparazzi caught Justin drunkenly holding hands with his co-star, and love interest, Alisha Wainwright.

Looks like we’ll be popping the popcorn and sipping the tea during this drama.

Back in 2019, Justin apologized on Instagram for the “strong lapse in judgment,” but he insisted nothing happened.

“Palmer” hits Apple TV Plus and select theaters this Friday.


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