‘Jumanji’ cast talk The Rock’s potential wrestling rematch

“Star Wars” will have its box office numbers cut into a little, now that “Jumanji” is in theaters. The movie starring The Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart opened Wednesday. And if it looks like they are having fun in the movie, you can imagine how much fun they had making the movie. Chris Van Vliet got a taste of it when he sat down with the guys in Hawaii.

Karen Gillan (as Martha): “Oh my God, we are in different people’s bodies.”

If there’s a lesson to be learned from “Jumanji,” it’s that video games are bad. I mean, they must be. When these four high school students play it, they get sucked into the game, and if they don’t find their way out, they’re stuck there forever.

Dwayne Johnson (as Spencer): “This is a video game, which means we each have three lives.”

It’s a new take on the classic 1995 film that starred Robin Williams.

Nick Jonas: “There are moments when you feel the influence of the original and paying homage to Robin Williams’ character Alan Parish.”

So since this is reimagining of a classic, it got me thinking about The Rock and some of his classic matches. I mean, he’s taken on John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, even Hulk Hogan.

Chris Van Vliet: “If you were to reimagine one of them or do one of them for an audience now, which match would it be?”

Kevin Hart: “Him and Koko B. Ware.”

Chris Van Vliet: “The Birdman.”

Kevin Hart: “It’s one of the best matches.”

Jack Black: “That was a long time ago. So like Andre the Giant?”

Dwayne Johnson: “Dude! Yeah. Gorgeous George.”

Jack Black: “I’m just kidding, man.”

Being on the set of “Jumanji” got the creative juices flowing. Not just for who The Rock might wrestle next, but for Nick Jonas’ music career.

Nick Jonas: “I’m around all these creative people every day who see the world in this really interesting way and have these great ideas, and it would be impossible for it not to influence the way I approach my creative process with my music.”

Chris Van Vliet: “So you’re saying there might be a song, a new song coming out that was written or inspired here in Hawaii?”

Nick Jonas: “I wrote the new album that will come out next year after this movie. So yes, very influenced by the creative process of making a film on the music side.”

“Jumanji” is in theaters Wednesday.

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