Crime, courtroom drama and twists galore. The new movie “Dutch” has a whole lot going on. Let’s get more from Alex Miranda, Deco’s legal eagle, who says he’ll take the bar only when they lower it.

From felon, to model, to movie star, I’ve really come a long way. Just kidding, I’m talking about Jeremy Meeks, who you might remember for something other than acting … but now he’s starring in the new movie “Dutch.”

Natasha Marc (as Michelle): “You’re a drug dealer.”

Lance Gross (as Bernard “Dutch” James): “Does that scare you?”

Natasha Marc (as Michelle): “There’s very little that scares me.”

He’s a notorious drug dealer. She’s a determined defense attorney. I smell sitcom!

Just kidding. “Dutch” is a crime drama about the high-profile court case of a drug lord, played by Lance Gross, who’s accused of some really horrific stuff.

Natasha Marc co-stars as the attorney who defends Dutch.

Natasha Marc: “I think she knows that he’s guilty of many things, but what he’s being accused of, what he’s on trial for, he’s not guilty of, so she’s all about proving a point.”

The movie is partly a good old-fashioned court procedural, with flashbacks of Dutch and his crew running the streets of New Jersey.

Lance Gross (as Bernard “Dutch” James): “Where I grew up, being a drug dealer is how you make your money.”

That’s where Jeremy Meeks comes in. He plays a loyal member of Dutch’s group.

Lance Gross (as Bernard “Dutch” James): “Nice to meet you.”

Jeremy Meeks (as Craze): “Do you think you can show us where your primary box is, please?”

If Jeremy looks familiar, you may know him simply as “hot felon.” His mugshot went viral in 2014, and now he’s got himself a career in acting.

Jeremy Meeks: “It’s hard to get a first break. For someone to take that chance on you, to give you a real role, that’s just kick-started this incredible career that I now cherish and am so grateful for.”

So get this: “Dutch” is based on a best-selling book series, which Jeremy actually read years ago. How poetic is that?

Jeremy Meeks: “While incarcerated, I pretty much taught myself how to read, reading all of the Teri Woods trilogies. It’s crazy. It’s so full circle.”

The movie’s crazy, too: crazy fast-paced with a lot of action and OMG moments.

Natasha Marc: “Everyone who enjoys this type of movies are gonna love it. Definitely, it has its own certain audience.”

Here’s an OMG moment for ya, Lynn and Shireen: Jeremy left you a message.

Jeremy Meeks: “Tell them I said…” (blows a kiss, laughs)

“Dutch” opens in select theaters on Friday.

As for Jeremy, he says he’d love to be in a rom-com soon, because he’s a “ladies’ man.”

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