Jamie Foxx’s ‘Beat Shazam’ premieres on FOX

Jamie Foxx is ready to put your music skills to the test. He hosts FOX’s new show “Beat Shazam,” where contestants have to guess the name of a song. And then once they beat each other, they square off against the popular Shazam music app.

Thursday nights on FOX just got a lot foxier — Jamie Foxx-style. The star is a co-producer and host of the network’s new game show, “Beat Shazam.”

Jamie Foxx: “We wanted to do a show where teams battle against each other to see who can identify the monster hit songs the fastest, and then one team will take on the Shazam app to try and win $1 million.”

And here’s what he promises you’ll get.

Jamie Foxx: “There’s gonna be a lot of laughing, music and some crying.”

He’s not kidding.

Jamie Foxx: “This lady was talking about adoption and she was adopting a kid from Haiti, and it hit everybody, man. I had to walk off the set.”

Shazam also got a little help from Jamie’s celeb friends like Mariah Carey.

While this is quite the gig, it’s not the only thing on Jamie’s plate.

Jamie Foxx (as Bats): “The moment you catch feelings, is the moment you catch a bullet.”

Jamie Foxx: “I got a movie comin’ out June 28th. It’s called ‘Baby Driver.'”

There’s a slew of talent in the “Baby Driver” driving seat.

Jamie Foxx: “Ansel Elgort, Jon Hamm. Edgar Wright’s the director.”

Um, Jamie, how about the big guy? Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey (as Doc): “One more job and we’re straight. Now, I don’t think I need to give you the speech on what happens if you say ‘no.’ How I could break your legs and kill everyone you love because you already know that, don’t you?”

Jamie may have left Kevin out, but he is quick to boast about the film.

Jamie Foxx: “It got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.”

So we had to ask, with so much going on, how does he fit his family in?

Jamie Foxx: “It’s fun to bring the family along and sort of let them see what your world is about.”

His youngest daughter is 7, and has basically been everywhere.

Jamie posted this throwback picture of them together on the set of his “Spider-Man” movie. But back to “Beat Shazam” …

Jamie Foxx: “It’s everything we wanted it to be.”

And it’s Thursday, so that means it’s gonna get “foxxy.”

The premiere episode of “Beat Shazam” airs Thursday night, right after Deco, and then it’s followed by Andy Cohen’s “Love Connection” at 9 p.m.

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