Jake Miller discusses inspiration for latest single ‘Saved Me’

He’s talented, charming and best of all, he’s from SoFlo! And even though he’s big time, he’s still talking to Deco! We’re talking about Jake Miller, and he’s got a new song out about finding a special someone. Our special someone, Alex Miranda, has the story.

His almost one million followers on Instagram — the Miller-tary, as they call themselves — are seeing a whole new side of our hometown boy after he released a new single inspired by someone who has changed the course of his life and the sound of his music.

You just know it.

Jake Miller: “To be in love? Is that really the first question?”

When a man, in this case, South Florida native, pop sensation and heartthrob Jake Miller, is head over heels.

Alex Miranda: “In the last few years, you put out a lot of heartbreak music out there, but this song is all about love.”

Jake Miller: “The last, like 100, songs I put out were heartbreak songs, and that was the only thing that was inspiring me. Now, all I can do is write happy songs because that’s just how I’m feeling these days.”

And you can see it on his blushing face and hear it in these loving lyrics.

Jake Miller (singing): “I was down. I was down. Now, I’m all the way up. Almost drowned, pulled me out, right before I gave up.”

In his new single, “Saved Me,” Jake admits he had been in a rut during the height of his success.

Jake Miller: “I spent the last, kind of, five, six years doing all this stuff and touring all these cool states and countries but not really having anybody to FaceTime with after the show.”

Until, he met a special someone who has inspired him in every way.

“In the last six months, I’ve written about 20 songs. I don’t really know when they’ll come out in terms of singles or EPs or albums, but they’re just sitting on my computer ready to go.”

And he thinks it’s the right time to put this message out.

Jake Miller: “It’s a strange time right now, and whatever is saving you, I think it’s important to lean into that.”

All of this levelheadedness didn’t come out of nowhere, either.

Jake Miller: “We’re driving to nowhere.”

Miller family: “Nowhere!”

This is a homegrown Weston boy with a family that led by example.

Jake Miller: “I’ve been living in LA, which is a really crazy place to live in, and I would never let followers or money or any of that kind of stuff turn me into somebody I’m not.”

You can go stream “Saved Me” or buy it on iTunes and support one of our own.

Jake also told me he’s looking to do some more virtual concerts, so keep up with him on social media for all those updates. His Tik Tok is great.

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