Jake Gyllenhaal portrays victim of Boston Marathon Bombing in ‘Stronger’

“Stronger” is a movie title we could be hearing often when the Oscars roll around. It’s based on a true story and stars Jake Gyllenhaal. He plays a survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Deco caught up with Jake and the real life hero he’s portraying.

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Jeff Bauman): “I’m gonna walk. I’m gonna walk again with you someday.”

It’s a movie premiere that goes far beyond the usual Hollywood glitz and glamor.

That’s Jeff Bauman walking the red carpet alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays him in the emotionally-charged movie “Stronger.”

Jeff Bauman: “It’s really an honor and, you know, a privilege to call him my friend.”

In the film, Jeff’s a regular guy from Chelmsford who loses both legs in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The movie shows his struggles and how he overcomes them.

Jeff Bauman: “I love the realness of it. And it’s, you know, very honest and it’s really, I think at the end, uplifting and inspirational.”

Jake Gyllenhaal considers this role to be that of a superhero, since Jeff is one in real life.

Jake Gyllenhaal: “The things that someone has to get inside themselves to be as strong as Jeff is just like that.”

Tatiana Maslany co-stars as Jeff’s girlfriend at the time.

Tatiana Maslany: “These were real people who were going through things.”

Tatiana Maslany (as Erin Hurley): “You just have to show up for once!”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Jeff Bauman): “Show up?! I showed up — for you!”

And to keep things real, Boston actors play many of the roles.

Lenny Clarke: “It’s a story about the family and how they overcame all the tragedy in their lives.”

Gyllenhaal says he now has a deeper appreciation of what Boston endured in April of 2013.

He hopes that shines through in the movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal: “In this case, I think the group of people that, that came in have such profound respect for this city, such a deep love for Jeff and his story, that I feel like we’re the right ones to do it.”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Jeff Bauman): “Now… I just want to live.”

Stronger opens in theaters Sept. 22.

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