Horror movies are even scarier if they’re based on real events. Maybe that’s why the first “Conjuring” was so successful. It was based on an allegedly real haunting. Well, so is the second one. The people involved in the real-life haunting were on the set of the movie helping the actors get a feel for what really happened.

In “The Conjuring 2,” a family in England is haunted by ghosts, and there’s only one couple who can save them.

Experts in all things supernatural, the Warrens are back.

Vera Farmiga: “We’re still with Ed and Lorraine for 30 years. They were the go-to investigative couple — paranormal investigator couple — and this is a decade later.”

Patrick Wilson: “Six years.”

Vera Farmiga: “Almost a decade later.”

Ed and Lorraine are a real couple, and though Ed has now passed away, Lorraine is a consultant for the movie.

Vera Farmiga: “She is a force of nature, and she will stand up, just by virtue of her faith and what she believes to be the truth, and she believes in goodness. But she’s fierce. As sweet as she is, she’s also headstrong.”

Other consultants include the Hodgson sisters, who experienced the hauntings in real life. Maddison Wolfe plays Janet Hodgson, and says meeting the woman she’s portraying made her believe the story.

Madison Wolfe: “When you meet them, you can definitely tell, especially, the energy on set and them being back in that mindset, you can really tell that something happened.”

And, speaking of Maddie, director James Wan can’t stop singing her praises.

James Wan: “It’s such a difficult role, because she is the spine of the movie, and if you don’t believe the character that she’s playing, then I don’t think the movie would have worked.”

As good as she was, Madison didn’t take her scary character too seriously, and that’s a good thing.

James Wan: “She really gets the process of filmmaking. She knows it’s just make-believe. She knows what she’s doing is only acting, but she’s so good at it and she’s so naturally gifted.”

“The Conjuring 2” is in theaters now.

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