Shireen knows a thing or two about falling in love on a farm. (Actually, it’s a ranch.) Two Hollywood it-girls are roughing it out in rural New York for a new kind of romance. Alex Miranda, who loves a good horse ride, has the story.

I thought it was hard to date in 2021. Imagine trying to find a match in 1851, in between milking the cows.

In “The World to Come,” it is a whole new world for Vanessa Kirby after she meets Katherine Waterston.

Vanessa Kirby (as Tallie): “I hope I’m not keeping you from something.”

Katherine Waterston (as Abigail): “I’m glad you’ve come.”

Is love on the horizon? In the new romance drama “The World to Come,” Vanessa Kirby and Katherine Waterston star as two farmers’ wives who can’t take their eyes off each other.

But with husbands, and in the 19th century, this love affair isn’t an easy swipe-right situation.

Christopher Abbott (as Finney): “I have a wife. I have certain expectations, and you have certain duties.”

Alex Miranda: “Before they even speak, there’s that look.”

Katherine Waterston: “For a moment, the whole world falls away, and even the possible repercussions fall away. Maybe you feel braver than you normally are, and then reality comes back in.”

That reality? Not so hot: unhappy marriages, hard labor, pigs.

But when this new friendship blossoms into something more…

Alex Miranda: “These moments between the two of you were just so intense.”

Vanessa Kirby: “More than, ‘You’re really good-looking, and I want to smooch you.’ It’s more like, ‘I see you, and I see something in you that I have in me, and I haven’t seen someone that has allowed me to see that.'”

But how does one date in, uh, 1851?

Katherine Waterston: “A lot of schlepping, really, on the part of Tallie, over to my house, so often unannounced. No way to shoot that text saying, ‘I’ll be around in an hour.'”

I’ll stick to Tinder, but it could have helped this same-sex couple.

Katherine Waterston: “They were free to fall, at least, without the pressures and constraints of society to deny them that opportunity.”

In some more good news, Vanessa was just nominated for a 2021 Golden Globe.

Vanessa Kirby: “I’m just smilingm Katherine, because, look at that, she’s such a proud mom. I’m so happy.”

It’s for her portrayal of a woman who’s grieving over a heartbreaking home birth in the Netflix drama, “Pieces of a Woman.”

Alex Miranda: “Now, do you have an acceptance speech prepared?”

Vanessa Kirby: “No, no, no, no, no. You can’t do that. Obviously, deeply honored, and still can’t quite believe it. I can’t quite — like when you say it, I’m like, ‘Wait, what? Who?'”

“The World to Come” is now playing in select theaters, and then it’ll go up on demand March 2nd.

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