Immerse yourself in van Gogh’s work with a new interactive experience in Miami

There’s artwork you simply look at. Then, there’s artwork you immerse yourself in. A new experience in SoFlo is exploring the world of the one-and-only Vincent van Gogh. Alex Miranda, who has yet to chop off his ear, is live in Miami with the story.

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most beloved artists in history, but you don’t have to fly all the way to Europe to enjoy his work.

Now, there’s an interactive, immersive experience in Miami, but they haven’t quite figured out the scratch and sniff feature yet.

At Universal Studios, you can ride the movies, but at the new Beyond van Gogh, an immersive experience at Miami’s Ice Palace Studios…

Mathieu St-Arnaud, Beyond van Gogh: “It’s all about the moment, the emotion, the movement, the color.”

You can live the paintings.

Mathieu St-Arnaud: “We’re taking you from the real world, going beyond the frame and entering van Gogh’s world.”

It’s 360 degrees of stunning sights and sounds.

Guest: “Being immersed and everything. It’s like diving into the painting.”

Mathieu St-Arnaud: “We’re surrounded by 30 projectors. You see one big image instead of 30 smaller ones.”

Now, get a load of this Math.

Mathieu St-Arnaud: “About almost a trillion pixels, like, the whole thing.”

That’s a lot of pixels, but we’re talking about masterpieces.

Alex Miranda: “Lynn and Shireen, do I look hot in the 1800s?”

No, I mean sunflowers and my favorite painting ever, “The Starry Night.”

I’ve seen the real one at the MoMA in New York, and that was an emotional experience for me. Not to be corny, but standing in this room immersed in the painting is just an overwhelming experience.

And it’s all set to contemporary music.

Mathieu St-Arnaud: “The Beatles, Coldplay or Pat Methany in there and even Miles Davis at one point — they’re all mixed together with different sound effects.”

So, you might get carried away, and you’ll learn even more about the artistic genius.

Now, it is true. In December 1888, van Gogh had apparently the worst argument in history, and after fighting with some fellow artists, cut his ear off.

But why? Still unclear.

Oh, and if this looks familiar, yeah, it’s just like that exhibit from the Netflix show “Emily in Paris.”

Tickets start at $47 for adults and $29 for kids.

Guest: “You just don’t see the brush strokes and the colors, you actually feel them. No excuses for missing it. You have to see it at least once.”

The exhibit will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays, and they will have wellness programs inside of the building.


Beyond van Gogh
(at Ice Palace Studios)
1400 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33136

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