Ice Cube, Charlie Day square off in ‘Fist Fight’

Ice Cube is a tough guy. Charlie Day is not. But they both met their match in South Florida. They sat down with Deco’s Chris Van Vliet, Tuesday, to talk about their new comedy “Fist Fight.”

The title of this movie leaves nothing to the imagination. “Fist Fight” is about just that, a fist fight at a school, except the people fighting aren’t who you expect.

Ice Cube (as Ron Strickland): “I’m gonna fight you.”

Charlie Day (as Andy Campbell): “I’m sorry, what?”

Ice Cube (as Mr. Strickland): “Parking lot, after school.”

Generally speaking, at a school it’s students who get in fights and teachers who break them up.

But not in “Fist Fight.”

Ice Cube (as Ron Strickland): “You ratted on me.”

Charlie Day (as Andy Campbell): “He did it.”

Ice Cube (as Mr. Strickland): “Now you gotta pay the price.”

Charlie Day and Ice Cube play teachers, and when Charlie costs Cube his job, Ice Cube doesn’t play nice.

Ice Cube (as Ron Strickland): “You think this is funny? I’m going to show you what’s funny.”

Chris Van Vliet: “I think that everyone can relate to this, because there’s someone at their work that they would like to punch in the face.”

Ice Cube: “Oh, yeah. There’s somebody on every job that’s this close to getting their butt kicked, and they don’t even know it.”

Word spreads fast about their fight, and within a few hours, the whole school is talking about it and placing bets.

Ice Cube (as Ron Strickland): “(hashtag)TeacherFight!”

Chris Van Vliet: “Is there any similarity to real fighting versus movie fighting?”

Ice Cube: “No. Movie fighting is choreographed, and you set it out and you stage it.”

Charlie Day: “If you accidentally get hit in a movie fight, you can be like ‘cut, cut,’ and that’s not going to work in a real fight.”

Charlie Day knows that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Ice Cube in a real fight, but he has a game plan.

Charlie Day: “I know I’m too small to fight fair, so I’m going to fight dirty.”

Tracy Morgan (as Coach Freddie Coward): “Are you serious? Is this the 1700s?”

Chris Van Vliet: “I’ve seen ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ so I’m not going to ask you, Ice Cube, ’cause I know the answer to this question, but Charlie, have you ever been in a real fight?”

Charlie Day: (laughs) “Man, yours were documented! Yeah, of course.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Yeah?”

Charlie Day: “But I’ve been punched more than I’ve punched.”

“Fist Fight” hits theaters Feb. 17.

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