You know what goes great with the hip-hop music of star? Hip-hop ice cream! A new place in Wynwood is showing off it’s flava all night long. Deco’s lactose tolerant reporter Chris Van Vliet is live.

Wynwood is a cool place to hang out, and thanks to Mr. Kream — it’s even cooler.

Ari Kalimi, owner: “Mr. Kream is a hip-hop ice cream shop and it’s located in Wynwood and basically, we are combining all the elements of hip-hop into an ice cream shop.”

Hip-hop is a way of life here.

Ari Kalimi: “The shop is owned and operated by a bunch of hip-hop DJ’s. We wanted to apply our culture into the ice cream culture.”

Alexis Pietra, customer: “It has a very music vibe. It’s really creative, it’s exciting. Probably one of the more trendy places I’ve been to here.”

From the pictures of rap pioneers to the old school games to the graffiti artwork — there’s hip-hop everywhere.

Ari Kalimi: “Just by reading the names of flavors, you can be educated on artists, album titles.”

With flavors like Ice T Green, or TLC Tiramisu — the best in the biz are even sweeter.

Ari Kalimi: “One of our big flavors is Fat Joe Pistachio. Our 2 Live Blue, which is Oreo cookie, cookie dough, blue vanilla ice cream is a take on 2 Live Crew.”

Wynwood is known for it’s painted walls outside — so Mr. Kream brought that technique inside.

Ari Kalimi: “You can buy ice cream with edible spray paint and paint your ice cream.”

Once you pick your flavor, you can mix things up just like a DJ on the turntables.

Top off ice cream with everything from cookies to candy — or put it on top of fresh pastries.

Ari Kalimi: “We were like, ‘Why a waffle cone? Why not go bigger and just do a Belgium waffle.’ The Fatboy is named after the legendary Fatboys, and basically it’s a brownie sundae.”

You can even mix in beer or soda.

Ari Kalimi: “We offer craft beer floats. So you can get a chocolate stout beer topped off with a vanilla ice cream scoop. Our Grand Daddy Purp ice cream, which is a chocolate covered raspberry purple ice cream. We make a float with Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda.”

On weekends, Mr. Kream has a live DJ and they’re open until 3 a.m.

Ari Kalimi: “I tell everyone you aren’t getting ice cream, you are getting an experience.”

The menu items range in price from $5 to $12.


Mr. Kream
2400 N Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 659-4541

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