Harlan Drum graces cover of Venice magazine summer edition, talks about second season of ‘Sweet Magnolias’

Actress Harlan Drum is back where she started. While the South Florida native gets ready for season two of the Netflix series, “Sweet Magnolias,” she’s gracing the cover of a magazine. Deco went behind the scenes and talked to the cover girl about her career that’s firing on all cylinders.

Harlan Drum graces the cover of Venice magazine’s summer issue.

The 18-year old actress’s So-Flo roots run deep.

Harland Drum: “I love growing up here. I mean, it’s pretty much all I know. I think it’s been, like, four generations that my family’s been in South Florida. I think it’s just like in my blood.”

It’s no surprise that the Fort Lauderdale home girl turned out to be the perfect pick to front the magazine.

Carlos Suarez, Venice Magazine: “We want to feature and celebrate Fort Lauderdale residents that are doing special things, and Harlan Drum is such a girl.”

When Harlan isn’t being a cover girl, she plays Cece Matney on the Netflix dramatic series, “Sweet Magnolias.”

Getting her first big role wasn’t easy, but she took care of business.

Harland Drum: “I mean, it was really nerve-wracking going into the audition room and being in front of all those big people, but I got it, I guess.”

It’s a dream gig for the young actress.

Harland Drum: “I just love acting, and I love everything that it implies. I love being on set. I love meeting everybody, so I mean, any time that I get to do that, it’s so cool and fun.”

Coming back for a second season of “Sweet Magnolias” is sweet news for Harlan.

Harland Drum: “I’m obviously really excited about it. I think the whole cast is just humbled by the fact that people even liked it and saw it.”

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