“Hard Luck Love Song,” it’s a movie for grown ups. That means no car chases, zero superheroes. It’s a movie about feelings! And conversations about feelings! And after hearing myself, I get the feeling this movie needs a car chase.

In “Hard Luck Love Song,” Sophia Bush and Michael Dorman attempt the near impossible task of rekindling their love affair, no matter what it takes.

Sophia Bush: “And these are two people who know each other deeply but are also trying to present a better or best version of themselves to cover their humiliation, their brokeness, their fear.”

Sophia says she couldn’t have asked for a better script or a better co-star because what else is she gonna say?

Sophia Bush: “And it was really a dream to take what was on the page and create a whole world with Michael.”

Apparently, both actors belong to the same mutual admiration society.

Michael Dorman: “I mean, I was lucky that Sophia turned up. That always sparks spontaneity and some magic.”

Michael’s character is part pool hustler, part struggling songwriter.

The gritty, realistic feel of the movie appealed to Michael in a big way.

Michael Dorman: “I think this film is sort of harnessing that idea of an artist that just stands truly naked.”

The movie may not be a laugh riot, but Michael and Sophia had a gas making it.

Sophia Bush: “We did really get to adventure, and it was really fun.”

“Hard Luck Love Song” hits theaters next month.

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