Happy hour just got a little happier. A Wynwood hotspot is serving up drinks and grub at two different times. Deco stopped by Beaker & Gray and found out that happy hour doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t have to end at 7 p.m.

When it opened last year, Beaker & Gray became the place to go in Wynwood for classy cocktails and creative food, but you could say "cool" is in this spot’s DNA.

Brian Nasajon: "50 years ago, it used to be an ice factory, we kept the shell of the ice factory but put a lot of refined furniture and elements to it like the marble counter the brass finishes."

Now the hip hangout is taking on happy hour in a new way.

Brian Nasajon: "Monday through Friday, we’re doing 5 to 7 happy hour, Monday through Thursday 12 to 2 a.m. For $5, you can get all the classic cocktails and some of the bites on the dinner menu."

And the fare goes way beyond finger food…

Brian Nasajon: "Really simple flavors, bringing in different ingredients."

Brian Nasajon: "This is our huaca. Huaca is our Mexican mozzarella, if you will. It’s a very gooey, melted cheese that’s served in a cast iron."

Brian Nasajon: "This is our house made ricotta. It’s served with chorizo, which is a Spanish cured chorizo."

Happy hour never tasted so good… especially after midnight.

Patron 1: "Everything is delicious. Everything’s really flavorful and unique."

Patron 2: "It’s global ingredients kind of brought together and every type of dish that you’ve heard of, it’s Brian’s twist to it."

At the bar– the party is just getting started.

Ben Potts: "We usually turn on some funk, little James Brown, get some good energy going."

Order the halliwell, a bright mix of vodka, ginger and strawberry.

Or– go with a classic.

Ben Potts: "Now we’re gonna do our version of an old-fashioned, like to keep it classic so we do angostura bitters, cherry bark vanilla bitters, a little sugar, and then 2 oz of bourbon. Garnish with an orange twist and here we have the old-fashioned from Beaker & Gray."

$5 drinks, tasty food… looks like it’s never too late for happy hour.

Brian Nasajon: "Wynwood is so new, expanding so quick, so we’re just so excited to be part of this first round."


Beaker & Gray
2637 N Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 699-2637

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