Bring on da funk! Bring on da noise! South Florida is getting rocked by a blast of music, dancing, lights and sound that’s unlike anything else. Deco drive’s music, dancing, lights and sound editor Chris Van Vliet has more.

It’s called The BodyShop Experience, and I don’t know about you, but most of my experiences at a body shop end with my car having way more things wrong with it than I thought, and my wallet being much lighter than when I arrived. This is a very different body shop experience.

The BodyShop Experience in Wynwood is aiming to amaze and astound you.

Sover, The Body Experience: “The idea was to collect a lot of artists that is raw talented people.”

The show is completely dialed in to what’s happening in the performing arts world right now.

Sover: “Whatever becomes viral now, is the people who drum in Portugal, people who make music at home, that will become viral, and people want to see more of that than the big, big production.”

What you get here is a collection of global creativity.

Sover: “I just picked the people that I like to work with from all the years, and they came here from all over the world, actually, from Israel from Europe, from L.A., and together we combined all the talents to shine and to show what they got.”

It could be cutting-edge choreography, a laser show display, some off the chain hip-hop or a splash of visual art.

These performers are putting in the time to guarantee your night will be totally unforgettable. Even their pre-performance workout is something to see.

Their goal is to make sure you feel what they’re doing.

Sover: “I call it sweat show, sweat show like you smell the sweat of the artist and you enjoy, one-on-one, not like you go to a big production and you sit in the last row and you don’t feel it.”

The BodyShop Experience is happening at the right time and in the right place.

Sover: “Wynwood was the perfect place to bring something fresh and new and cool, and I hope you like it.”

The BodyShop Experience is going down at the Mana Complex in Wynwood, Friday and Saturday nights through April.

The BodyShop Experience

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