Balloons are for two things: One, making your voice all squeaky with helium. And two, as a way to tell someone you love them!

But not all balloons are created equal. We found a couple of SoFlo spots making beautiful balloon decorations for Valentine’s Day.

Carl Frederickson in “Up”: “So long, boys! I’ll send ya a postcard from Paradise Falls!”

Pixar’s “Up” understood the magic of balloons.

So do these two Miami companies.

Balloons 4 You in Midtown makes eye-popping balloon creations.

Sheer Goshen, owner: “I feel like what we bring, it’s different than what anyone else has seen before. It’s different than just a balloon bouquet or a flower arrangement.”

Owner Sheer Goshen works with SoFlo celebs all the time for big events. As a matter of fact…

Sheer Goshen, owner: “It’s very funny because today when you came, we did DJ Khaled’s son’s birthday party, and we had a delivery to Jennifer Lopez, who we’ve worked with in the past as well.”

And for Valentine’s Day, she has airy nice gift ideas.

Balloons 4 You is making special balloons with flowers, rose petals, candies or even cards inside. You can even customize them, and they’ll also light up your life!

Gifts these pretty need a lot of attention to detail.

Sheer Goshen, owner: “The balloons are very delicate, you really have to be careful with everything you do.”

They’re not even so much balloons as they are special keepsakes.

Sheer Goshen, owner: “I think it’s a great memory.”

Eric Zarragoitia, customer: “You get the whole package in it. You get a beautiful display plus the chocolates. It’s one of a kind.”

Smile Factory Balloons in Miami will have you grinning from ear to ear this Valentine’s Day.

Doymar Lago, owner: “For Valentine’s, we have anything you can imagine made of balloons.”

Owner Doymar Lago is like a balloon artist. She creates all kinds of balloon art.

Doymar Lago, owner: “We have roses, we have flowers, we have stuffed animals combined with chocolates.”

The options are kind of endless, just like our love for you, dear Deco viewers. But the flower bouquet, in particular, is a favorite.

Imagine bringing this home as a gift!

Murad Abdullaev, customer: “The flower bouquet is amazing. I couldn’t even expect it could be this good. It’s great.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Balloons 4 You
3200 N Miami Ave., Suite C
Miami, FL 33127

Smile Factory Balloons
935 Bay Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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