Give the gift of gold this Christmas

Over the holidays, you’re supposed to give the gift of gold to the people you love most. For all of you at home, we’ve got the golden ticket to some of the most golden treats on the town.

At Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa in Victoria Park, all you need is a golden facial to brighten the holiday season.

Dr. Patty, cosmetic dentist: “Our Golden Facial includes a cleansing, an exfoliation and also a golden mask.”

The treatment will give your skin a glorious glow.

Dr. Patty: “There’s real golden flakes in the facial, in the mask. And the gold is there; it’s been used for hundreds of years and it’s known to increase circulation and improve tone.”

The Golden Facial is calling your name.

You know you deserve it.

Dr. Patty: “You don’t have to go to a jeweler to get gold. You can just come to Dr. Patty’s for a golden facial.”

From gold that will make you glisten to a golden sweet treat.

Argentinean steakhouse Leynia at South Beach’s Delano Hotel has struck gold with its Chocotorta dessert.

Jose Icardi, executive chef: “We bring something that is super traditional for us and easy to make, and with the gold, we take it to a different level.”

Sure, the signature Argentinean dish has a chocolate cookie, dulce de leche and other good stuff, but the best part is what’s on top — those blueberries covered in gold.

Jose Icardi: “The bling bling.”

Chef knows what it’s all about!

So how do they get those blueberries to drip in gold?

Jose Icardi: “We pour the dust into the blueberries and we mix it. All the gold sticks into the blueberries.”

Something else that’s sweet but on the healthier side is right down the road at Berri Bar on Lincoln Road.

Greg Bennati, owner: “The Golden Bowl was created as kind of a social media stunt, but at the same time, it is an awesome thing to be able to order.”

Ahhh, the Golden Bowl … a $101 acai bowl loaded up with superfruits, a bunch of yummy toppings and then the real star: pure, edible gold flakes.

It’s the perfect treat for South Beach.

Greg Bennati: “South Beach is known as a kind of showy place, so there’s no better place to actually have a $101 bowl.”

Celebrate in style this holiday season.

Coco Cigars in Coconut Grove has a variety of cigars, but one in particular caught our attention.


Emre Pars: “It’s wrapped in 24 karat edible gold. It’s a very unique smoke. It’s very mild. This would be the perfect gift for Christmas or New Year’s. It’s definitely a special occasion cigar.”

It’s not just wrapped in gold. The ash is gold, too.

Matthew Williams, customer: “You have instant gratification. As soon as you go to ash it, you’re ashing gold.”


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