Italian facial expert, Pietro Simone, is coming to Miami, and he’ll be pouring over our pores,

Kicking off his very first residency at Mr. C’s Beatala. For the month of July, you can go face-to-face with Pietro.

Pietro Simone is crossing the ocean to see your face. It’s a rare chance for you to get treatment from the Italian facial expert.

Pietro Simone: “My first residency at Mr. C at Beatala. It’s an incredible opportunity to get the skincare and my signature techniques all around Miami and, of course, America.”

Debra Castaneda: “Pietro Simone at Beatala Wellness Club is one of the most amazing things that could happen because he’s an international expert for beauty.”

Pietro is looking to spend time with a star like you, even while he works with famous faces like Poppy Delevigne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Pietro Simone: “I think it’s a blessing they trust me because clearly, they work with their own image, but I clearly am open for everyone. To me, everyone is a celebrity.”

And everyone is getting the celebrity experience because these treatments are Pietro’s absolute faves.

Pietro Simone: “Cotton thread exfoliation is a signature technique that I developed. When applied on the skin, it allows me to work on every centimeter in exfoliating. What my aim is with the dry massage is to engage muscles and the fascia. We train our muscles, but do we train our face? Not really. Endosphere is an interesting treatment using the microcompressive vibration.

Let’s face it, Pietro will have you glowing, just like his reviews.

Carla Orsini: “The dry massage was exciting. I really loved it. I felt like my circulation was going. He’s amazing. He did an amazing job, and I already feel better.”

Pietro’s here for your face. But you should get used to see more of his.

Pietro Simone: “I love Miami, I love the weather, I love America, and here I am.”

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