Gerard Butler fights natural disasters in ‘Geostorm’

Gerard Butler fights the forces of nature in his new film “Geostorm.” Deco’s Chris Van Vliet was in L.A., where he sat down with Gerard to talk about the movie, and he thanked the star for saving the world … yet again.

Gerard Butler (as Jake): “Thanks to a system of satellites, natural disasters have become a thing of the past.”

“Geostorm” takes us five years into the future, where a scientist, played by Gerard Butler, has found a way to stop natural disasters in their tracks.

Now, ready to have your mind blown? We’ve been saying Gerard Butler name’s incorrectly for years.

Gerard Butler: “Well, it’s not incorrectly to Americans. It’s different let me say.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What should it be?”

Gerard Butler: “My name in Scotland is GE-rard! GE-rard!”

Chris Van Vliet: “GE-rard!”

Gerard Butler: “And in America, it’s ‘Ge-RAAARRRDDD,’ and it just goes on and on.”

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, back to the “Geostorm!”

Someone is using Gerard’s weather satellites, not to stop storms but to cause storms. Really, really big storms.

The only question is, who would do such a thing?

Chris Van Vliet: “Now, I feel like even though this is a disaster movie, it’s also a mystery because you’re going through three-quarters of the movie trying to figure out, like, who’s behind all of this.”

Gerard Butler: “Yeah, it’s kind of got a lot going on, this movie. It’s got that man-made disaster flavor, it’s an action movie, it’s a whodunit.”

The only way to fix it is to send Gerard to space and leave his brother, played by Jim Sturgess, back on Earth to handle the tech side of things.

Jim Sturgess (as Max): “We have to shut the system down.”

Jim Sturgess: “Climate change is a very real thing. Once you start looking into it, like, I had to do for the film, it’s very difficult to let that leave your consciousness. You’re aware of the facts and the figures and the impact that we are having on the planet.”

Gerard Butler (as Jake): “The only one who has the kill codes is the president.”

If the entire planet is in jeopardy, I’d say you’re in pretty good hands with Gerard Butler. He’s kind of become an expert at this kind of thing.

Chris Van Vliet: “Thank you for saving the world once again.”

Gerard Butler: “Oh, God! Duly appreciate it.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Is this what, the fifth time maybe you’ve saved the world?”

Gerard Butler: “I’ve actually lost count. I don’t know. After a while you forget how many times have I done this.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Well, we appreciate it. All in a day’s work.”

Gerard Butler: (Laughs)

“Geostorm” is out in theaters on Friday.

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