Deco likes to be where the action is. That’s why we hooked up with our pal, action actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez. His career is blowing up, and if you want tough, look no further than Deco’s fist of fury, Alex Miranda.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez is one of those actors who makes you say, “Wait, I know I’ve seen him before.”

His career is blowing up, but he always has time to hang out with Deco.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez is all about lights, camera, action.

You’ve seen the 43-year-old South Florida resident in shows like “Power,” where things didn’t work out so well.

One thing you can say about the guy: he loves his job.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “I’m an action actor. That has a true appeal for me, a true gratifying nature for me.”

G-Rod was hungry to tell Deco what he’s been up to. We hooked up with him in Sunrise at Lombardi’s Pizza, not our usual spot for an interview.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “My kids have been telling me that the pizza here is just absolutely delicious.”

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez (in “Cobra Kai”): “Here ya go, homie. Oops, that’s my bad.”

His latest gig is “Cobra Kai”, the “Karate Kid” update.

The big guy found his role on “Cobra Kai” very tasty.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “But I’m getting the opportunity to beat down on the bully from ‘The Karate Kid’ days.”

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez (in “Cobra Kai”): “You’re dead, amigo.”

G-Rod knows he’s got to bring his a game when he’s mixing it up on-screen.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “I think in this day and age, we’ve come to appreciate the action in films a whole lot more because it’s so well shot.”

He gets pummeled by Hollywood royalty in “The Equalizer,” courtesy of star Queen Latifah.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “Physically, she brought it. She brought it.”

No matter where his career takes him, G-Rod will always have a soft spot for his adopted home.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “I arrived in South Florida when I was 13 years old. I love South Florida. This will always be a part of me, and I’ll always call it home.”

More G-Rod news. You’ll be able to catch him in “The Suicide Squad,” the stand-alone sequel to “Suicide Squad.”

The film is due to be released in August.

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