Free bike rentals at Superior Bike shop for National Bike to Work Week

In South Florida, Bike Week usually means motorcycles. But these days, Bike Week is about enjoying the sunshine by cycling. Best of all, at a price you can’t beat.

National Bike to Work Week is next week, and in honor of this two-wheeled event, the Superior Bike shop in Wynwood wants you to travel in style.

Juan Jimenez: “We are encouraging people to ride their bikes to work, so from May 15 to 19, we are renting out five bikes in the shop.”

And where most bike rentals can cost you an arm and a leg…

Juan Jimenez: “The cost is free. All you have to do is call and make a reservation, and we will tell you know what is available.”

Yup — he said free. Zero. Zilch.

Juan Jimenez: “It’s a way to experience our bikes at no cost for an entire day.”

Ryan Tracy: “These bikes are incredible, and I can’t believe they will let people use it for free.”

And these aren’t your normal bikes that you can rent and ride around the city. These are top of the line.

Juan Jimenez: “The price range for our bikes is $2,000 to $7,000, so not everyone can spend that amount on a bike. We are encouraging people to test drive it for a whole day.”

The Superior Bike Shop specializes in handmade European bikes that have details like leather seats and handles, and built in LED lights for safety.

Juan Jimenez: “What really sets it apart is, we have a belt system drive. It replaces a chain; it’s much more durable, less maintenance and lightweight.”

Ryan Tracy: “Absolutely the best bike I ever had. I’d call it the Lamborghini of bikes.”

To borrow a bike, just give the store a call and make a reservation.

Juan Jimenez: “We have five bikes per day, and it’s a first-come, first-serve basis. And all we really need is a credit card, a driver’s license and signing a release form.”

And, unlike other bike rental programs, you can borrow the bike for the entire day. Just have it back in the store by 8 p.m.

Juan Jimenez: “We have a credit card on file, because if there’s any damage or if the bike isn’t returned, we go ahead and charge it.”

Remember — it’s in honor of National Ride Your Bike to Work Week. So leave your car at home … and use some pedal power.

The Superior Bike Shop
2105 N.W. 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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