It’s a night of premieres on Fox.

New episodes of “The Resident” and “Prodigal Son” start right after Deco, and the casts of both shows are telling you what to expect.

Fox’s edge-of-your-seat thriller “Prodigal Son” left fans with a plot twist finale, and series star Bellamy Young says that’s the perfect place to kick off season two.

Bellamy Young: “It’s such a messy, creepy, crazy place to end the season, and it’s– oh you know, we pick right up in the thick of it.”

Tonight’s premiere kicks off with criminal profiler Malcolm Bright taking on a new case. Actor Tom Payne says that means his character has a lot to discuss with his serial killer father.

Tom Payne: “He’s the elder brother trying to look after his younger sister, but he’s in a nightmare situation because all he’s ever wanted to do is disconnect from his father and now his father is the only person he can talk to about this thing that’s happened.”

As for what else to expect in season two, Halston Sage promises more scary thrills and dark comedy.

Halston Sage: “When you’re reading a script about a serial killer and his family, you’re not expecting any levity in that, and it makes it fun for us. It keeps the daylight a little lighter than it would have been without that element.”

The doctors are in. Season four of “The Resident” also premieres tonight, and it’s taking on the pandemic.

Morris Chestnut and Bruce Greenwood say the medical drama will continue following their characters while also honoring those working on the frontlines in real life.

Morris Chestnut: “The writers did an excellent job weaving in the realities of the world with an entertaining story.”

Bruce Greenwood: “It speaks to the vulnerability and the sacrifice and the commitment that the frontline workers are making.”

It will also lead to personal changes for Dr. Bell and Dr. Cain.

Bruce Greenwood: “Where is his family, where did that go, and did he, how badly did he blow that? So he reaches out to somebody from his past.”

Morris Chestnut: “I do think there could be some things that transpire that kind of forces him to think and look at things a little bit differently.”

Catch the season premieres of “The Resident” and “Prodigal Son” right after Deco!

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