For JLaw and Pratt, starring in ‘Passengers’ leads to offscreen bond

Spending 120 years on a spaceship with one person can really bring people together. For “Passengers” co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, it did that and a whole lot more. Their unbreakable bond onscreen is so strong, it kind of spilled into their real lives.

In the movie “Passengers,” Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence wake up to a nightmare.

Chris Pratt (as Jim Preston): “You woke up too soon. Ninety years too soon.”

They’re the only two awake on board the starship Avalon, which has 90 more years to travel to outer space. That leaves them with pretty much just each other during the space odyssey — meaning most of their filming was done together.

Chris Pratt: “There’s a certain challenge to just having two of you.”

Challenge accepted, because these two really get along.

Jennifer Lawrence: “It was crazy when Chris and I met. I felt like I had known him for my entire life in about a week.”

Chris Pratt: “Yeah.”

Jennifer Lawrence: “Especially the long hours. Our friendship really helped the whole movie, really helped our characters.”

Their characters, Aurora and Jim, go through it all: love and fear and adventure.

Chris Pratt: “We like one another, and these two characters love one another, and I think that really raises the stakes for when things turn south and turn sour.”

Michael Sheen (as Arthur): “Very nice.”

Co-star Michael Sheen reveals just how close that bond really is.

Michael Sheen
Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen: “When there’s only a few of you, you kind of really bond, and if you do, you have inside jokes and all that kind of stuff.”

Michael plays the robotic bartender on the spaceship.

Michael Sheen: “I’m the perfect bartender. That’s what I was programmed to be.”

Who knows every secret between Aurora and Jim.

Michael Sheen (as Arthur): “You two look fine this evening.”

Jennifer Lawrence (as Aurora Lane): “We’re on a date.”

Michael Sheen (as Arthur): “Very nice.”

Jennifer Lawrence (as Aurora Lane): “Took you long enough to ask.”

Looks like those two may have a real-life date — over the holidays.

Chris Pratt: “We’re gonna vacation in Miami together.”

Jennifer Lawrence: “For Christmas.”

Chris Pratt: “That’s what we’re telling people so that people don’t really know where we’re going.”

Jennifer Lawrence: “So that paparazzi will go to Miami.”

Because Miami is where people go for space over the holidays, right?

Jennifer Lawrence (as Aurora Lane): “Space. The one thing I do not need more of.”

The friendship is real, people. So real that JLaw told MTV she’d rather star in “Guardians of the Galaxy” instead of another X-Men movie. We bet Chris Pratt’s role in “Guardians” has something to do with that.

“Passengers” opnes in theaters Wednesday, Dec. 21.

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